Original Videos/Photos of cute Japanese girls receiving all kind of swift spanking to their precious bottoms. Over the knee (OTK), caning, hand-spanking, strict discipline ... everything you could want in a tight little package that goes "whack"!

You’ve been bad…

Mother spanks disobedient daughter’s bottom with a hard-leather belt! Watch her bum swell to a throbbing cherry-red complexion! Pull those panties down!

Saucy Japanese Schoolgirl Paddles Her... by SpankJapaneseGirls

2 Cuties! Pigtails, schoolgirl uniforms, classroom discipline, super sexy! A lovely crack on her pale backside from the wooden paddle! “Thank you ma’am, may I have another!”

After-school Spanking! Teacher vs... by SpankJapaneseGirls

2 Japanese Girls, 1 Teacher!

Severe punishment for these 2 Japanese schoolgirls for their outrageous behavior. Teacher is not pleased by such insolence and teaches them a lesson they’ll not soon forget! For more Erotic Japanese Spanking

Mother spanks daughter for misbehaving and insubordination!

Teacher spanks cute Japanese girl in the classroom. Some nice over-the-knee (otk) bum teasing and punishment!

Girl on Girl Japanese Spanking!

Spanked in her gym uniform by her stern teacher. A paddle does fine work to the juicy backside of such a submissive student.

Master Spanks Japanese Maid's Bum with Cane! by SpankJapaneseGirls

Submissive Japanese maid receives a spanking from her master!

Spanking instrument applied = Cane!

Angry Japanese Mothers Punish Their Daughter's... by SpankJapaneseGirls

Angry Japanese Mothers Punish Their Daughter’s Behinds!

"We were just watching some TV"

Sayo and Ai caught being mischievous again. Wonder what mother will do now that she has told them several times to behave previously.
Mothers: Tomomi and Yuko (spankers)

Girl on girl hand-spanking! Ai weathers the bum spanking from her scornful mother.

Girl on girl hand-spanking! Ai weathers the bum spanking from her scornful mother.

Kurumi is put through the ringer by her oppressive step-mom. Bedroom spanking and enema to follow. Poor thing.